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The Unbearable Gothness Of Being....

Dulce Et Decorum Est...

15 December 1979

This is the personal LiveJournal of andyravensable. The SableIndustries Corporation cannot take responsibility for any loss of sanity, sleep, braincells, financial, spiritual or moral wealth, alcoholic beverages, weapons of mass destruction, or chocolate that reading this journal may incur. The views expressed within this journal are the sole opinion of andyravensable, and, frankly, if you don't like them, you know where you can stick it. All personages, situations and locations within this journal may, or may not, be fictional. All rights reserved.

A little about me
Treading the fine balance between genius and sheer idiocy, those who have met me in real life know me as an open person, gregarious, optimistic, a strict devotee to the tracts of hedonism and debauchery, and a damn fine dressed young man. Possibly.

When not stuck behind a computer, I'm the founder and CEO of SableIndustries, the company that controls all the work I do, including web design, 3D animation and modelling, club DJing, and much more. It's also a front for the various international arms deals, drug running, international jewel thievery and assassination contracting that passes the time when I'm not planning world domination, engaging in skillful debate with the greatest minds of this century, or perverting the youth of today. It's a life, and it's mine.

And finally...
1 - I choose to make this Journal open, as I'm of the opinion that, as I don't choose to post deeply personal information on here, anything else I say is fit for general consumption. If you have a problem, or just generally don't like anything I say, please feel free to make use of the back button. In fact, go and look at SableIndustries instead. It's a lot prettier, and you might find something more to your taste. If I do get hate mail, which I haven't so far (so good, so what...), then I'll make it private. Don't disappoint me, now.

2 - If you're feeling exceptionally generous - my Amazon wishlist can be found here. Although, I warn you now, even buying me limited edition, signed and numbered copies of Tim Burton books won't make me like you more. That can be done for free.

3 - If you're on my friends list - then I've added you for a good reason. If you're not, and you've added me, don't be too offended - I tend to only add people I'm in immediate contact with, or have recently met, in order to try and keep my friends page to reasonable size. If you really are truly offended, then email me, and I'll add you.

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